Irrigation Installation and Repair

Get Rainwater Under Control

Arrange for our irrigation services in Inman, SC

Improper drainage can cause rivulets to run through your yard and meet at the lowest point of your landscape, turning a dry area into a pond. Before you know it, your yard is full of mud.

You can prevent this with a drainage system installation that will keep your property from flooding so easily. Let Lawn Artist, LLC install your new drainage system and improve the look of your landscape. Contact our company today for a free estimate on irrigation services in Inman, SC.

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Do you have a broken drainage system?

In addition to drainage system installation services, our team offers drainage system repairs. Count on us when:

  • Your drainage system has visible damage
  • Your property floods despite proper drainage
  • Your drainage system is clogged

We'll pinpoint the cause of the problem, repair it and put every piece back in place. To arrange for irrigation services, call 864-680-4940 now.